This video conveys how moving the aesthetic Black Rock City festival can be.

There is a vast plethora of images and articles on the world wide web describing the idiosyncratic festival that takes place in Nevada every year. And for the most part, they do the job brilliantly. But to someone who hasn’t been there, Burning Man is still an unknown and vaguely beguiling phenomenon. This recap video posted on YouTube by AWOL somehow captures the effervescent and primordial essence of Burning Man best. Watch it below.

The recap video, aptly titled ‘Carvial of Mirrors’ shows us the chaos on the playa, from the flamboyantly dressed people and the breathtaking installations to the actual burn. If this doesn’t make you want to be a burner, we don’t know what will. This year’s edition of Burning Man wrapped up earlier this month. Check out some colossally awesome photographs of the festival by clicking on the image below and subscribe to The Sherp to receive updates about next year’s edition of the festival.

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