Artists wish you and your valentines, in their own err.. ‘special’ way

We’d like to call it Archies – Hallmark day, but there are quite a few who do infact consider this day as an auspicious moment to express true love.  Scroll down as we showcase valentine’s day greetings from the world of dance music.

The Crazies

Humor is an integral part of social media, and these guys nailed it.


Seven Lions – Teases us into thinking whether he’s talking about the beer or the girl with no face.


QULINEZ – Prettiest cupid we’ve ever seen.


Mr.Bill – The lady is clearly disappointed with his valentine’s gift. Poor Mr. Bill.


Diplo – Feeling lonely? Diplo is here. 


The Sober Guys  

Playing it safe, wishing you a plain and simple valentine’s day, PLUR and all that. Nothing more, nothing less. Although we must admit it’s very unlike Dash Berlin NOT to use humor, check out his Facebook for more proof.




Armin Van Buuren 


Dash Berlin 


The Extra Crazies

Taking it absolutely next level.


SkreamThe lesser said about this picture, the better.


Steve Aoki  Steve trying to pull off a Neo as he dodges them cupids.


And then there’s this guy..

We don’t know why he does this to himself, seriously.

Belated Valentine’s greetings from The Sherp.