Mumbai, get ready for a stellar fusion of some bass heavy Dubstep / Drum & Bass with the fresh new underground property.

Lucid Productions, & LIVE Viacom, aim to bring to you the best in electronic sound with V.EMERGE, a brand new set of bass – clad nights. A night of just real great Dubstep / Drum & Bass tunes that will quench anyone’s thirst.

The underground music property will aim to inspire engagement and provide for an ideal gateway between India and brilliant international sounds, giving music aficionados a thrilling experience. Here’s the billing for the inaugural V.EMERGE nights, set to kick off next week:

O.V. Of the Foreign Beggars (Mau5trap/ I Am Legion)

Engine Earz (Never Say Die/ Circus)

ASA (OWSLA/ Inspected)

Func (Pentagram/ Shaair N’ Func)

Gear up for an absolutely super night, as the Engine-Earz Experiment will perform alongside O.V of British hip hop and dubstep group Foreign Beggars and Randolph of Shaa’ir + Func and Pentagram and DJ Asa to create a music explosion. Going beyond the traditional live experience, the duo will also be collaborating on a music track on stage to keep the magic alive.

When & Where:

21st May, 2014 – Club Royalty, Mumbai

23rd May – Delhi 

24th May – Kolkata 

30th May – Pune 

31st May – B’lore


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