Searching for #EDM will no longer yield any results after Instagram blocks the hashtag completely. 


The monotonous use of the abbreviated form of Electronic Dance Music has finally been taken note of by Instagram, and the photo sharing portal have banned the usage of the hashtag. Claiming that the hashtag was being misused by a number of youngsters to gain Instagram followers and share nudity and other content in direct violation of the app’s guidelines, #EDM is the latest one to make it to Instagram’s hashtag blacklist.


The wide usage of the hashtag that yielded more than a million search results from all around the world will no longer be visible to anyone who searches for it. An Instagram spokesman called Gabe Madway recently spoke to TIME magazine about it and said, “#EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity”.

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We’ll be honest, the EDM phrase has definitely run it’s course but we’re yet to see how long this lasts. Stay tuned to the Sherp for regular updates on the same.

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