With India’s first large scale Comedy Festival just a day away, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to be entertained!

1. By large, we mean large.  3 days, 70 comedians, 95 shows. Featuring everyone who’s important in the Indian comedy scene right now including some international acts like David Quirk ad Harith Iskander.

2. Weirdass Tandoor : This is essentially a Celebrity Roast with Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey!

weirdass tandoor

3.  Weirdass Master-full : Indian Comedy at it’s best!  This show will feature Vir Das, Papa CJ, Sorabh Pant and more in a comedy master class! Promises some big laughs from some big names!

4.  Good Sport and Nation in Mourning:  Watch some hilarious comedy aimed at taking  hits at Indian Sports by a historical (and hysterical) walkthrough of the greatest ever moments in Cricket , Hockey, Kabaddi  and all those other Indian sport we didn’t know exists.  Nation in Mourning will be the funniest and loudest News comedy show, ever.

5. Apart from the jokes, on Sunday at the NCPA, there will be a beer garden serving beer all day long.

6. A big bed to have a pillow fight, and you could win a trophy. 

7. A comedian dressed as a sumo wrestler whose sole purpose is to be a punching bag for people.

8.  Women of Funny: Aditi Mittal, Neeti Palta, Anu Menon and Jamie J will come together for some pretty good comedy shows like Women in Comedy. Shows like DEL-BOMbed — a favourite topic of conversation at most parties in both Delhi and Mumbai gets the comic treatment. Weirdass Politricks will also be part of the fest!

9. The festival will ALSO include improv workshops, book reading sessions, sessions on comedy in film for all you comedy enthusiasts!

10. HAR HAR Music:  Along with all the jokes, sketches and improv, The Weirdass Pajama will also feature a whole lot of  music. (Think Flight of the Concords ). The festival will include the Weekender favourite – Alien Chutney, Weirdass Jukebox and most importantly, Smart Casual, a comedy music band from Australia.