Meet the band who follows their heart, believe in being honest and above all, don’t run after “Rockstar” status.

Unplugged is an eponymous band from Delhi that consists of two vocalists on acoustic guitars, Manish Gunthey and Aditya Jassi as well as drummer, Ashwani Verma. Together, they give their 100% and perform English retro, pop and contemporary music along with Bollywood covers. Their unique approach to tracks is what lures in the audience! Don’t believe me? Just Watch!

Ashwani Verma was the founding member of the Indian band Euphoria, and used to play in rock bands with Aditya. Manish met Adityaover a few karaoke songs and decided to jam someday. Little did they know that they would end up deciding to form a band with acoustic guitars and drums only!
That’s how unplugged was born,” concludes Manish.


No three people could have been happier than they have been in their two years together. They are proud of how far they’ve come and elaborate,” We never wanted to chase fame / awards / rewards, we just wanted to play music because we knew it made us happy.. We have built very strong friendships with musicians who play with us and more importantly, connected with a lot people who have supported us from day one. We want to thank all of them for their love and support.”

Nothing but love for you, fam. Additionally, they love each other as much as they love animals, well…almost. They believe while all of them keep the group together, it’s Aditya who ends up being the mother hen.

Manish is a guitarist for the actor and singer Ayushmann Khurrana and accompanies him on his solo performances. When asked about how it is to perform with the Indian heartthrob, he says,” It is an awesome feeling. Ayushmann is a very good friend and a great guy to play with. We should hopefully be playing soon.”

If you didn’t already know, Aditya Jassi is a playback singer. He made his debut with the song “Yaad Aaye Woh Din” for the Jimmy Shergill-KK Menon starrer Strangers, released in 2007 and has been contributing to Bollywood music. He opened for The Grammy nominees, “Hoobastank” at their maiden tour to India in Shillong.

Moreover, they were recently featured on Delhi’s Radio One 94.3 FM. The band who listens to Hindi Classics, rock and everything in between, believes that it’s important to have a lot of material in their bag of talents so as to cater to different audience.

About their experience on stage, they say,” It’s normal to feel anxious before every gig because every gig has new dynamics like venue, audience and you are always unsure how they will react, but we have never questioned our talent, we play to our strengths and always give our 100%.”

That’s not all! They have the best advice to curb the nervousness before a performance. “The best way to fight this anxiety is by doing the homework and then just enjoying the moment. Don’t think too much and have fun. When you will have fun on stage the audience will have fun too, they concluded.

This weekend, Unplugged plays through the night at Circus, New Delhi on FRIDAY, 7th April, from 9 p.m.