Ultra Miami 2016 is preparing itself for one of the most spectacular stages in festival history.

Arcadia Spectacular has made appearances at BoomTown Fair and Glastonbury, and is now all set to make its North American debut. In the shape of a gigantic metal spider, it looms high over the crowd, and is made out of 50 tons of recycled military hardware. It has red eyes, and shoots powerful lasers in every direction. As a stage, it is quite the mechanical marvel, and has hosted some brilliant shows at festivals.


The top of the stage pretty much spews fire, firecrackers and large-scale pyrotechnics. Arcadia also uses biofuel, making it the world’s first recycled biofuel pyrotechnics system. This metal spider from Bristol is definitely going to be something epic to look forward to at Ultra 2016! Ultra Music Festival, Miami is slated to take place in downtown Miami on March 18-20.

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