This vintage look at the festival will be eye-opening for all millennials today.

Burning Man has gotten a reputation for hosting the wildest community party for the past few decades and although the provocative and open environment still continues, that’s haven’t always been so accepting for the festival.

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An old news report from 1997 has been circulating online which initially got overnight popularity because of the channel covering the so called ” hippie neo-pagan freak fest”. The reporters seemed shocked at the five-day festival because of the lack of trade and by the concept of living off the grid. The venue looks like an actual desert with only 10,ooo people compared to this years staggering 70,000. The video shows how the people could wear, express and just be themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment, which was rare in those days. People could be able to do anything they liked but under certain control that is maintained by the police for any issues that may come up.

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Black Rock City is the holy grail for these festival goers and it’s hard to even imagine that self-expression was so taboo just a few years ago. Even with the high costs for the festival, the organisers refused to merchandise any product or take on a huge sponsor for the same and keep the basic ideology of Burning Man intact.

It seems so odd now that the festival would have ever had financial issues as people now flock there with installations that blow your mind and leave you wanting more no matter what with the only intent of celebrating art, culture and life.

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