Mumdance was last in India for his performance set at Magnetic Fields Festival, in 2015.

A pioneering DJ and well respected artist across the world, Mumdance is a producer that everyone who knows a thing or two about grime, techno and experimental music, are familiar with. Mumdance learnt his craft from a veteran pioneer DJ Jammer in a basement way back in 2006. Since then, Mumdance has been growing as an artist and a producer and is now regarded as one of the most inventive DJ and producer.

Credits: Resident Advisor

The producer/DJ was last in India back in 2015 for the Magnetic Fields Festival, where the Indian audiences got a taste of the versatile artist’s profound sound. The good news for us folks that loved him right away is that Mumdance will be coming to India this September as part of his Asia tour. The producer will visit 3 cities during his visit here.

Kick starting the 3-city India tour starting from Mumbai on September 21st, before heading off to Delhi and Bangalore, on September 22nd and 23rd respectively, this is one gig all underground music fans must look forward to. Mumdance will tour these cities as part of Wild City’s Various Artists, a series that introduces to Indian audiences modern music’s most imaginative and original DJs and producers.  

Mumdance takes his inspiration from all over the world yet manages to create something unique each time. The artist has developed a unique niche in the space of grime, techno and experimental music, leading to a number of collaborations with other equally gifted producers. From working alongside local musicians in Mexico and Egypt to collaborating with artists like Pinch and Skepta to even hosting one of the most popular shows on Rinse FM, Mumdance is an artist who dons many hats.

It’s not long before this gifted producer hits your city! Be sure to be there!

Event Details:

For more details about the event in Mumbai click here, for Delhi click here, and for Bangalore click here.

If you’re at either one of these cities, trust us, you do not want to miss out on Mumdance!

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