By sending spoof messages by pretending to be the receiver’s mother, the festival has brought upon itself a £70,000 fine  

parklife4(Image Courtesy: Parklife Festival Facebook)

Earlier this year, the Parklife Festival in Manchester, UK decided to go ahead with a promotional campaign by sending text messages to their ticket holders cell phones alerting them about the after party details. Unfortunately, they went too far and decided that the sender’s name would appear as ‘Mum’, just to add a touch of humour to the text. Quite naturally, this did not go down too wel with a lot of people.

parklife1(Image Courtesy: BBC)

Following this insensitive move, the company behind the festival faces a £70,000 fine. BBC News reports the experience of a Parklife attendee who was traumatized by this text message. She lost her mother to Sclerosis and considered this an incredibly cruel marketing stint.

” I just saw Mum and I started crying. Even though it was only two seconds of sheer panic it was horrible because you just do think, ‘Oh my god. Is she still alive? “

Although the festival have issued an apology statement across all platforms to make up for this disaster, nothing can be said about the impact this will eventually have on the festival’s image. The festival was held this past July, and was headlined by Snoop Dogg and Foals. Pre sale tickets for the 2015 edition are now available, click HERE to buy them.

(Cover Image Courtesy: Parklife Festival Facebook)