It’s been a busy festive season filled with large-scale music festivals, art festivals, food festivals and so on. In the midst of it all, UK’s award-winning festival just dropped a bombshell.

Bestival, one of UK’s biggest summer festivals, is going to be relocating to a new location for the first time in 13 years!

After being hosted at the beautiful county and island of the Isle of Wight for over a decade, Bestival is all set to move to a new venue in 2017. “Hot off the press – yes Bestival is moving!” said Bestival curator Rob da Bank, “We’re super excited about our shiny new Bestival adventure. We have an incredible lineup, headliners confirmed and ridiculous new stages and installations coming your way in 2017.”

                                                                           Isle of Wight


The hot new venue for the festival next year is the Lulworth Estate in Dorset , the home of its sister festival – Camp Bestival. No more will festival goers have to wait in long queues to catch a ferry to the Isle Of Wight.

The reason behind the move is the unfortunate economic and logistic issues that come with travelling to the venue every year. Bestival’s organizer, Rob da Bank, stated that the decision merely came down to “boring economics of getting people on to the island”. The DJ and founder of the summer festival, who lives on the Isle of Wight, went on to say, “It’s been a bittersweet morning. Things have really stacked up against us in a really boring economic fashion.”

However, the festival organisers maintain that they will continue to support the people of the island through music, charities and projects.


The event, that has been hosted at Robin Hill country park on the Isle of Wight since 2004, has grown from an event hosting 10,000 fans witnessing live performances of The Bees, Basement Jaxx and Zero 7 headline to one holding a 55,000 capacity, attracting the biggest name in music – Outkast, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Kraftwerk and The Cure.

This music festival is ideal for music-loving fashionistas as it is widely known for being fancy dress-friendly. So all you Lady Gaga-like fashion lovers can catch the event coming September in the elegant venue of the Lulworth Estate. This 17th-century mock castle, now rebuilt as a museum, is surrounded by the beautiful Lulworth park and serves as a tourist attraction till date.

Lulworth Estate


Go ahead and save the date! 7-10 September 2017 is when the magic happens.