The world’s most popular festival is going to be open to many more with this change.

Tomorrowland has been granted permission to host the event over 2 weekends next year from the local government of Boom & Rumst. This isn’t the first time that the festival has followed this format. Back in 2014, they had successfully hosted their tenth anniversary over two weekends and it was received with immense enthusiasm from the crowds.

Judging how rapidly the festival has grown over the years, tickets get sold out in minutes. It only makes sense to accommodate the mega fan base with a couple of extra days. Attendance will reportedly expand from 180,000 fans to 360,000 in 2017 with the change.


The news received official confirmation from Tomorrowland representatives:

“The purpose of this [hosting the festival in 2 weekends] is to meet the huge demand for tickets from international and local fans. Meanwhile, with the blessing of the municipalities of Boom & Rumst, we can go ahead and start preparing for 2 weekends as of next summer.” 

The Belgium event will be hosted from July 21st to July 23rd, as well as the following weekend from 28th to 30th in 2017.