Tuesdays are beautiful, and for today’s share of tripped out festivals, we, at The Sherp thought you should check out the Burning Mountain Festival, an electronic, psychedelic, art and music festival all the way in Switzerland.


With no association to the Man, the Mountain, is a ‘booming’ festival that is taking place in one of the highest inhabited valleys of Europe – The Engadin Valley, Zernez, in the Swiss Mountains. This valley is home to about a 1000 people, and each year, even more come to visit the valley and attend this magnificent festival, that could only be an experience of a lifetime.

Engadin Valley Wikimedia

This festival is a mighty combination of psychedelia, art, culture, and technical prowess, with musical talent being showcased through visual design and out-of-the box performances.

A four day festival from the 25th to the 29th of June, 2015, that considers its space to be a “hub for peace, love, and creativity, and community”, has workshops on a wide array of things ranging from yoga, to fire juggling, and spiritual awakening! Every workshop at the festival is an immersive programme for all those wishing to participate, and ensures that each person has something to take back home with them.

Fire Things

One of the most interesting things about this festival, is the focus on the visual aspects of the festival. Having tied up with some of the best visual artists and designers in the arena, Burning Mountain sets promise a brilliant visual experience that suits the aural. That, as well as the land-art workshops which utilise only the resources that nature has to offer (around them) to create spectacular structures and installations.

The Burning Mountain Festival is one that boasts a very very intense line-up of artists from across the globe, like Astrix, Psywicca, Symphonix and Blastoyz, all playing live sets at the main stage, and after a whole long day of stomping your feet out to their music, the festival offers every attendee a chance to relax at the ‘Chill Out Zone.’

Relaxation Area

While immersing yourself into the festival experience is one thing, there are things that allow you to immerse yourself into a completely different state of mind as well, these talks, workshops, gatherings are all about letting yourself be nurtured by the various things on offer at the festival, and letting lose sans embracing any prejudice.

This festival seems to be an extremely intriguing, and happy one, sans any mainstream-y activities, but with a lot of things that allow you to explore yourself, enjoy the spectacular surroundings and the venue, while also being engaged with like-minded individuals who are probably thinking what you’re thinking about going to The Burning Mountain.

Here’s hoping that you come back next week for our dose of trip.

Stage Cool

(All Images Courtesy: The Burning Mountain Festival Facebook & Webpage)