When it comes to psytrance, not many people are game for some of the more hardcore scenes. But there are some parties which bring together the trippiness of psytrance with a much more chill, welcoming atmosphere, much like the Mandallah Festival – which is your dose of trippy for this week.

Brazil is an untapped festival destination, especially psytrance, but there is no dearth of psychedelic festivals in the country. The Mandallah festival is one of the best known, since it’s been around for 10 years now, forming a community of sorts that reunites every year at the festival. It is quite unlike other psytrance festivals in that it’s lighter, brighter and a lot more laid back.


At the White River Club in Andradas every year, Mandallah attracts some amazing local artists, and has always been a relatively small party. But this year, for its 10th birthday, the lineup has expanded to include a lot of insane international artists like Tristan, Avalon and Talpa. The event has two stages, one dedicated entirely to psytrance, and the other to a more chill electronic genre. Because the weather is warm, tending towards hot, people are sprayed with water while they’re dancing, which is understandably very much looked forward to.


This year, the festival will also hold a social campaign, tying up with several NGOs that deal with poverty. You can learn about the NGOs and even help out in any manner possible, which also knocks some of the cost off your ticket. The idea is to bring together a community of people who can have fun, as well as a purpose.


When: October 10-11, 2015
Where: White River Club, Andradas