Come 7th of July, and the world will commemorate the one true love of our lives – chocolate with World Chocolate Day. The Sherp is here with best chocolate festivals that do chocolate good service!

Trust not the man who does not chocolate consume.

No, that’s no age-old adage, but it very well should be. Because if there is one thing in the world that garners universal love, it’s chocolate. Dark, or milky, the proven aphrodisiac is irresistible for almost everyone, age no bar. Now, there are a number of chocolate festivals in the world, each bringing out some fine chocolate vendors and chocolate lovers together, but we list the best 5 of the lot!

1. The Chocolate Festival
Where: London, UK
When: December 4 to 6

The definitive tone assumed by the festival name is enough to guess why this one of the most popular chocolate festivals in the world. Avid connoisseurs of cocoa will find this experience truly wholesome as it covers everything from myriad chocolate sweetmeats to chocolate face mask therapies. Don’t forget about The Chocolate Cafe, where you can combine the two best things in the world – chocolate and live music.

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(Image source: The Chocolate Festival Facebook)

2. Eurochocolate
Where: Italy
When: October 16 to 25

If you wish to attend the largest gathering of chocolate and chocolate lovers alike, then Eurochocolate held in the picturesque city of Perugia is the place for you. The line-up of the most desirably individual chocolate vendors from around the world, as streets are adorned with stores serving the most delectable chocolate offerings. It ends with the Eurochocolate Awards Ceremony, where chocolatiers will be rewarded for their uniqueness.

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(Image source: Eurochocolate Facebook)

3. Chocolart
Where: Germany
When: December 1 to 6

Chocolart is as historical as Germany’s love for chocolate, and is thus Germany’s largest chocolate festival. Chocolatiers from all over the world make it to this five day sumptuous gathering as chocolates in all varieties and forms take shape making way for a decadent feast. Not only does the festival offer free admission, but it sees public turn out in staggering numbers.

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(Image source: Chocolart Facebook)

4. Las Vegas Chocolate Festival
Where: Las Vegas
When: NA

Luxury’s is the world’s party capital’s strongest note, and with the Las Vegas Chocolate Festival, it delivers that amply. It’s a festival that brings together some of the brightest chocolate chefs from around the world in a rousing taste spectacle. Expect exquisite chocolate carvings, coming in all tastes and variant architecture, it’s the access to the best of world chocolate artists!

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(Image source: Al Powers | Las Vegas Chocolate Festival Facebook)

5. Salon du Chocolat
Where: Paris
When: October 28 to November 1

In a world that’s fair, everything would be made of chocolate. Our clothes included. Romanticising this notion is the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, which rakes in the largest number of chocolate festival attendees. They not only have a unique one-of-a-kind chocolate couture fashion show, but they also have eclectic activities centred around all things chocolate.

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(Image source: Salon du Chocolat Facebook)