There’s so much to look forward to at the festival this year!

Apart from an unmatched musical experience, Vh1 Supersonic will be introducing brand new experience zones at the festival which are guaranteed to blow you away. The festival will host a number of hangout spots throughout the festival grounds to keep things exciting and help festival attendees relax between sets and explore the various options available at their disposal.

We’re breaking down all the fun and interesting things that you will witness at the festival, in all its glory:

1. Super Grub For The Super Hungry

(Credits: Vh1 Supersonic)

When it comes to festivals, the second-most important feature, besides the music, has got to be food. You’ll need to get all that energy back with some lip-smacking munchies to keep you going for the day. So head on over to the “Super Grub” for an array of multi-cuisine gourmet delights. Festival food will never be the same again.   

2. Flea Market For Everybody!

(Credits: Vh1 Supersonic)

A specially-curated flea market called “Super Flea” will be showcasing a number of hand-crafted goodies, ranging from pop-up stores to local artists and even some traditional art at the festival. The Super Flea has been curated by none other than Tanvi Gupta, the super lady who has also curated the Nariyal Paani festival. You can pick up the best souvenirs for your taste and personality right there, without ever having to venture out into the city. The perks are endless.

3. The Sonic Therapy Zone Is Technology And Comfort Combined


There will be so much running around at the festival, with three massive stages hosting world-class artists, that you will need to take a little time off to relax and breathe fresh air. The best thing to do is head over to the “Sonic Therapy Zone”. Here, you will find the Oxygen Bar (a first of it’s kind) where you can get a pure hit of some rejuvenating oxygen into your skin. You can also indulge in a ton of different massages that offer you therapy right from 10 mins to 30 mins. We’re looking forward to this one already!

4. A Garden With Beer? Sign Me Up!


Beer is inescapable at festivals and we aren’t complaining! And it seem like the Supersonic team agrees, as this time they are introducing the “Brew Garden”, a special place put together for beer lovers by one of their key sponsors – Budweiser! This booze-curated zone will have a huge selection of various brewed beer varieties from a number of brands, and obviously scrumptious finger food to snack on. Don’t worry about pre-boozing as the festival’s Happy Hour will begin from 12 pm – 4 pm and other offers on various drinks. So you have plenty of time to get your drink game on before the performances take place!

5. Happy Hours At Vh1 Supersonic!


You heard that one right! This year, the festival is introducing happy hours for all attendees who can make it to the festival between 12 pm to 4 pm. This is good news for all those who were worried about where they could catch up on a little bit of pre-drinking before the festival. You can say that this is Supersonic’s way of rewarding you for making it to the festival on time. 

6. Gaming Zones For Some Old Fashioned Fun


The Gaming Zone will be all about nostalgia as it will help you revisit your childhood memories with its incredible set up. Other highlights include LED seesaws, community swings and ball pits to get the ultimate arcade vibe. The only thing you need to get up for is to make your way to the food truck for a much-needed snack break.

7. The Sounds of Lions Will Be Loud


The music will be booming in the experience zones since a custom made ‘10,000 Lions’ speaker will be making it’s way to the festival from Goa. The sound system was made specially for Reggae Rajah’s crew back in 2016 as the first Jamaican-style sound system and you’ll get the chance to feel its magic yourself! Just groove along to the reggae music every time the speakers come alive.

8. Interaction Will Go Beyond Human Beings

(Credits: instagram/vh1supersonic)

The festival will have a number of interactive sessions including face painting, temporary tattoos, hair braiding and much more. Photo ops will be located all over the venue for your best group shot or even a new profile picture-approved selfie. Just make sure you wear that smile on your face!

9. Finally, A Place To Sit In Comfort


99% of the time you are at a festival, you just want one nice shady spot to sit under for a few minutes and give your tired feet a break. The festival has created a number of spots with shades and community seating zones all around the venue so that your poor feet can get a well-deserved break.

Experience all the magic at Vh1 Supersonic this month and get those tickets now if you don’t want to miss out!