Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album is slated to release this Friday, i.e. 16th July. This album will add to the list of posthumous albums that are being released in Hip Hop over the past years. Pop Smoke was at the peak of his career when he was tragically killed by some goons. This went shockwaves throughout the rap community which is still felt to this day.

Pop Smoke’s second album will be making its debut on all major streaming platforms this Friday. the album was initially titled Pop Smoke but later was changed to FAITH. TrackList for Pop Smoke’s was speculated for a long time, but we now have proof!

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TrackList for Pop Smoke’s new album was recently leaked and shows us that the album is going to be a commercial success from the get-go. The album is star-studded, with features from rap royalty Drake to the pop queen Dua Lipa. Though the legitimacy of this list is very low. The list has shown many probable features, the drake feature was a long-time rumor, maybe this is the official list.

All the speculation will come to an end when FAITH drops on all major streaming platforms this Friday, till then make sure to re-listen the 1st album Pop dropped, do that you have an idea what to expect from the project.