India’s First Curated Travel Festival makes planning holidays a breeze!

Get set to ship all your travel woes away! High Street Phoenix brings you The Gypsy Travel Festival in just a few days! Scheduled to take place on the 28th and 29th of this month, the festival gives you the rare opportunity to interact with the big shots of the travel industry, experimental travel brands and opinion leaders. Can you ask for more? RSVP your place at the festival right here.

With a range of interesting and fascinating activities, get ready to learn about and explore the world of tourism like never before. The Sherp presents the top things to look forward to at the first of its kind Gypsy Travel Festival 2017.

Take A Virtual Reality Tour Of The World!

Take a virtual trip into the wonderful land of Fiji, Israel and Malaysia, as the three countries are official partners with the festival! Why watch a boring promotional video when you can explore the destination in a more immersive and innovative way? Thanks to the Gypsy Travel Festival, you can do just that in a whole new dimension!

Interact Personally With Global Travel Gurus

From influential bloggers to international travel personalities, the festival will host the big-shots of the travel industry. Be it Rachel Jones of ‘Hippie In Heels’, Sankara Subramanian of ‘Be it on the road’, Revati and Charles Victor of ‘Different Doors’, Harsh Sonawala of ‘India Someday’, or the Mumbai Foodie Ronak Rajani; the amount of knowledge on display knows no bounds!

What’s even more interesting, throughout the festival, is that these gurus of travel will be conducting everything, right from interactive sessions and talks to travel tips and panel discussions. The #TGTF event will also feature travel inspiration segments that include not only professional travellers but also expats who live, work and very often travel within our country. Having knowledge of both international places as well as a better understanding of our own country, the people and the lifestyle; these expats will be able to give better insights to travellers from the country with a more customised experience.

That’s not all! Explore a range of fascinating topics with featured segments on Experimental travel, Solo Female Travel, Luxury Travel, Food Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Wildlife photography tours and LGBT Travel.

Indulge In World Cuisines!

Did you think we would forget about food? Treat yourself to some of the most scrumptious delicacies from all over the globe! After all, what could be a better reflection of the evolution of a destination’s culture, history and uniqueness than local cuisine? Let food be your personal gateway into the heart and soul of any destination you desire. To mirror these sentiments, the Gypsy Travel Festival will showcase a unique array of street food from different corners of the world. Sink your teeth into authentic delicacies from Israel, Fiji, Malaysia, USA, Canada and many many more places. This is all courtesy of Gourmet Renaissance World Streat Food and Zomato.

One Stop Solution For All Your Travel Woes!

Plan your next holiday with ease! This one-of-a-kind event gives you the freedom to book, plan and customise your next holiday, all on one platform! Receive first-hand information on offbeat and new destinations, explore the travel dynamics or learn how to economise your next holiday from the experts. They’ll even show you how to fast-track your visa processes and lot lot more. Where else would you get such an opportunity? Don’t miss this incredible festival!

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(All image courtesy: Gypsy Travel Media)