Racing games have developed quite a bit over the years. From the top-down view to super realistic gameplay, the change has been a major one over the years. Many people who play these games are driving enthusiasts or the ones who need to apply their driving fantasies which they couldn’t in the real world. Here are a few racing games that you should try out if you are one of them.

F1 2021

F1 2021 is the latest title in the Formula 1 series. The game builds on the series’ legacy by adding a new story mode, and a host of welcome changes. The game, developed by Codemasters, features an up-to-date roster of drivers, cars, and tracks. In F1 2021 players can compete seasons, manage their F1 team, and even take part in the new Braking Point story mode. Playing as a young rookie named Aiden Jackson, players will start in Formula 2 and build their way up to Formula 1.

Gran Turismo Sport 

This game is developed by Polyphony Digital. The Sport features the tight controls and handling associated with the series and several tuning and performance options for players who want to get into racing. In its current state, Gran Turismo Sport is a solid sim-racer that focuses on online play rather than single-player content. There is a career mode, time trials and an offline league, but most players will want to try the online modes to get the most out of the game. Since its launch, the developer has added new cars, new tracks and even a VR mode for PlayStation VR since release.


Released in 2008 and developed by, iRacing bills itself as “the world’s premier motorsports racing game” and does so with good reason.

iRacing provides a true-to-life authentic and realistic driving experience. Everything from suspension to tire differential and even brake bias can be customised. Cars on the track handle similar to their real-life counterparts. The extent of iRacing’s realism is such that many professional F1 and Nascar drivers use it to practice before events. With competitive racing leagues, over 70 tracks, and an impressive collection of licensed cars, iRacing offers a lot to the players