Nintendo Switch is gaining popularity day by day. Many games are released on switch every year. Though they are not at the same level as console or pc games but they’re not at all bad and are worth playing. Here are some top switch games that you should check out.

Mario Party Superstars

Like the All-Star remasters of the 2D and 3D Mario platformers, this game takes mini-games from all previous Mario Party titles, plus game boards from the original three Mario Party games on Nintendo 64, to create a mix of the series’ best bits from across the years.

Like always, you’ll be moving around a game board via dice roll trying to gain coins and stars to win; and trying to avoid hazards and opponents’ power-ups that will deprive you of these. Opponents can play alongside you on the same system, via local wireless multiplayer or online.

Metroid Dread

In Samus Aran’s highly upgradeable boots, your mission is to explore Planet ZDR,;find new powers for your armour suit and avoid the deadly E.M.M.I robots that keep pursuing you.

There are all sorts of interesting content to find as you progress through the campaign. The story continues from the original Metroid. The gameplay is very similar, involving lots of backtracking and secret hunting, but even if the template is old, it still feels great to play.

Knockout city

This game is for all dodgeball fans. The objective of the game is to hit others with dodgeballs you find around one of the game’s several maps and to avoid return fire and environmental hazards. You can enhance your throws with abilities such as explosives, anti-gravity and traps, or launch yourself or your teammates in ball-form for a surprise attack. Naturally, with this being a multiplayer-focussed game, there’s a ton of unlockable accessories for you to customize your character with.


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