With the arrival of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the number of shows a person has access to has increased at an exponential rate. Due to which many old and many new shows are getting a lot of attention, especially adult comedies like Rick and Morty and Futurama. As these franchises expand, so do their business ventures, which leads to them creating high-quality games on the mobile platform!

Pocket Mortys

Enter the interdimensional madness that is Pocket Mortys. You collect stupid Mortys from different parts of different dimensions and make them battle each other till you become the champion. It can’t get any better than this. Some may raise ethical questions like why are we making mortys harm each other, who cares if a Morty gets hurt when the game is free. It probably is one of the best games based on a TV show

Futurama: Worlds of tommorow

Loved Futurama? You’ll love this game as well, the original writers of the show have added many new original stories to the mix and the game has tons of new worlds to explore and tons of old ones as well, you’ll never get bored.

Tapped Out

Tired of your daily productive life? Get into the world of tap[ped out and help homer relax, become his friend and he’ll love you back. The game makes you an all-powerful finger God that helps Homer so that you and Homer can stay forever together. who needs work or a wife when you have Homer!

It is one of the best games based on a TV show, so you know won’t get bored! And with that, we conclude our best games based on the popular TV shows list!

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