TomorrowWorld’s abandoned festival tents are being used to shelter homeless people. Read more below. 

We all know of the disaster of epic proportions that was TomorrowWorld 2015. Rivaling the likes of Woodstock ’99 in its colossal disparity, TomorrowWorld ’15 was a major blow to SFX Entertainment, the organizing company behind the festival. As terrible the festival was for the attendees, the aftermath it left behind in the form of innumerable tents and camping gear, will be used to better lives. Festivals, be it commercial or independent, always leave behind waste, and instead of this waste rotting in landfills, there is another, more useful, place for it.


Sheltersuit is a charitable organization that transforms abandoned festival gear in into weather-resistant, wearable shelter for the homeless. Run and maintained by the help of donors (find out how you can be one here), as well as volunteers, many of whom are said to be Syrian refugees, this organization recycles material that would otherwise be waste.

Despite the festival’s cringe-worthy social media image at the moment, we should look at this as a sort of silver-lining, Keep tabs here for more news, folks.