Find your rave soul mate at TomorrowWorld, USA, this year

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As we draw closer and closer to that magical weekend in Southwest Georgia, the anticipation just continues to build. In addition to the astoundingly diverse lineup, over the top stage production, Dreamville camping, and fellow ravers from all over the world, TomorrowWorld has decided to make things even a little more interesting.

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TomorrowWorld organizers ID&T are known for their high attention to detail and production. Campers at this year’s festival will have access to a number of amenities not typically found at festival campsites. The ‘DreamVille’ campsite will feature shops, food vendors, and now a number of other activities. Campers will now also be able to participate in morning yoga classes, workout classes, and speed-dating. 

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Organizers will be offering a number of other activities including bocce ball, cornhole, ladder golf, life size chess, and more.  With all of the craziness of the festival, it’s great to be able to escape for a few hours and relax and mingle with fellow campers. Check out the entire list of activities HERE.

The massive Chattahoochee gathering kicks off Friday, 26 September, and will mark the end of the epic summer festival calendar.

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