Bud Light teams up with TomorrowWorld to create an exclusive collection of brewskis.

As far as marketing campaigns go, this one is pretty sweet. TomorrowWorld’s new edition is close and in spirit of the festival, Bud Light revealed that they’re launching TomorrowWorld themed beer cans in six different colours.  According to adweek.com, only 85,000 of them were created, so if you’re one of the lucky attendees of TomorrowWorld, make sure you grab it first.


Bring back the exclusive TomorrowWorld beer can with you as a token of the undoubtedly amazing festival experience. TomorrowWorld hits Chattahoochee Hills, Atlanta on September 25-27 in a whirlwind of brilliant electronica and a massive crowd with uninhibited energy. Stay tuned to Festival Sherpa for further updates. You can find more info about the festival such as lineup, etc HERE.