Vaping is one of the most fun activities anyone can indulge in, but it is fun only when doing things the right way. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy vaping the way pro vapers seem to do so. And do you know why that is so? Not everyone is aware of the tips and tricks that can improve your vaping experience. But worry not, we will divulge all the secrets in this little brief! And without further ado, let’s share them with you!

Choose The Right E-Liquid

Flavors matter the most when it comes to vape. We are not asking you to spend all of your savings on e-liquids. But if you are starting things cheap, you will set the bar low from the word go. Not sure that’s the way to go about things? Choosing an optimal e-liquid can help you a lot in the long run! You can shop vape kits, mods & vape juice on Provape. Purchasing your vaping gear from a quality place can be the best decision, even if it might seem costly.

Taste Matters

When it comes to flavors, different trends can be followed. For example, some vapers like to remain loyal to one particular flavor. On the other hand, some vapers want to keep jumping between the different flavors.

If you are to take our advice, then trying out different flavors before settling for a particular one can be the right decision that will save your life later. Oh, and like Joey from Friends said, there are a lot of flavors out there! For instance, getting the myblu vape starter kit might be an excellent choice — even if you are not a beginner. It will let you explore new flavors, making for a completely new vaping experience.

The PG/VG ratio

Speaking from a purely technical point of view, low VG minuses the clouds, while a higher VG will make your world super cloudy. So based on this knowledge, you need to sort your PG/VG ratios in advance. Higher VG rations are associated with fewer allergic reactions, critical for many vapers.

Shake Well

It is just as if you are mixing your mango juice, you know! Shaking the vaping juices can help you mix everything homogenized; the little shake can make all the difference in the world. Also, please, please, don’t keep your bottle of vape juices open either. If left unexposed, the intensity of the flavor is compromised severely.

Don’t Let the Sun Find Your Vape Juice!

Keep the vape juice hidden in the dark since the sunlight can break it down and spoil your whole experience. Rather than an improving tip, this little trick is what will ensure you have a decent hit at any rate.

Plastic is Caustic

You might think it exaggerates, but it isn’t exactly fantastic either. The stronger acidic flavors like citrus juices can have a chemical reaction with the plastic body. Investing in a glass vape tank is better to avoid any unfortunate events.

Cleaning Is Mandatory

If you are not cleaning your vape tank regularly, things will get too stinky. Just rinse with warm water and keep your vaping world clean; how tough is that exactly?

Battery Gunk

Sometimes, the batteries give up too early than expected. Do you know why that is? It is because of the undetected gunk! It just keeps accumulating unnoticed. However, if you regularly clean your batteries with a paper towel, you are less likely to face this problem.

Coils Must Be Changed Regularly

If you have been using your vaping device for too long now, you might see a crusty little film developing. Since washing isn’t an option, in this case, you need to change your coil when that happens.

Got the Spare Batteries?

It is always smart to have a backup plan, and keeping a spare battery that is fully charged is one brilliant plan, alright. A little investment in advance can save you from many complications later.

More Flavors Mean More Tanks

Flavor ghosting is another curse that haunts the vaping world. If you aren’t rinsing your tanks after each liquid, you will have leftovers of too many flavors in the tank. Some find this phenomenon interesting, and some find it very disgusting, so it is totally up to you how you perceive the situation. But if you were to take our advice, then rinsing the tanks after using different e-liquids is the way forward.

Vaper’s Tongue

Not many of you might be aware of this phenomenon, but if you keep vaping the same e-juices repeatedly, the taste of every other juice loses its appeal. The phenomenon is called vaper’s tongue in the vaping world. It would help if you avoided a little complication at all costs. The problem arises typically because of the dehydration factor, and hence, it can be countered by staying hydrated all the time.

Got a Handkerchief?

Spills happen all the time, and the vaping world is no exception. The easiest way of countering any awkward experience is to dab up things with a clean handkerchief. You can have those mini tissue paper packets that fit inside the pockets. The point might sound a little trivial to some of you, but it is a significant factor that many pro vapers ignore. So, take your parents’ advice and keep a handkerchief in your pocket all the time, eh?

You Need a Carry Case as Well!

Come to think of it, you may not even need a handkerchief. But that will be possible only if you have already invested in a carry case. The chances of spills spoiling your experience are reduced by a significant factor, all thanks to a little carry case. They are not that expensive and add a classy touch to your vaping experience.

Experimenting is Fun, You Know!

You will get everything in a perfect combination, but a part of you will still be yearning to experiment. Always listen to that part of yourself, and never snub your creativity. Vaping is a fun activity, and while many pro vapers don’t announce it to the public, it is amusing only because it stimulates the creative thought process. So have fun and enjoy this great activity as much as you can. Vaping is for relaxing!