It’s time to reinvent the trend!

Festival season demands you have your festival essentials and what could possibly be more important than flower crowns. They are fun, colourful and will brighten up any outfit. But this time we insist you try out a more detailed and intricate look, rather than look like you taped two plastic flowers to a wire.


Here is some inspiration for your super cute festival look!

1. Go drama-free


You’re going for a super chill look but need something to spice the outfit up? Flower crowns are your answer! Go for bright colours and keep it simple with the outfit.

2. Go boho


Frida Kahlo was pretty much the first person to rock flower crowns and you should take inspiration from this fierce lady. Bohemian fashion is something that will never die out so by all means, indulge!

3. Don’t be afraid to go big


Size matters, but not as long as you know what suits you. Bigger headpieces require just a little bit extra attention, like when you have to make sure it vibes perfectly with you’re wearing. On a more practical note, they can also be a little uncomfortable and might take a little time to get used to. But once you figure it out, it’s definitely going to elevate your outfit to another level!

4. Be a metal head


Metallic flower crowns might jut be the answer to all your lazy girl problems! Fuss-free, delicate and versatile, they are perfect for any outfit (and also work as a headband so it’s a win for all!)

5. Try out the natural look


Before Coachella happened, flower crowns were usually made by ACTUALLY picking out flowers. Now that’s something, right? Go back to this ancient tradition and make a real flower crown! Mind you, you will have to refrigerate the flowers well and even then, once you get them out it’s a ticking bomb. They will look fresh and dainty only for a few hours, but hey isn’t that what makes it even more special?

Here’s a DIY video to help you out!