Summer is certainly the best time to plan a party. From the summer weather, food, and the general vibe, you should consider throwing down a major party this coming summer. However, attending an already organized event and throwing one are two different things. Planning and hosting a summer party is exciting yet overwhelming, but it shouldn’t prevent you from planning one.

The cons of organizing everything can’t outweigh the pros of sharing fun experiences with friends, strangers, and other attendants. Summer parties are also known for good food and general vibes. Below are a few tips for organizing a summer party.

1.     Identify the event objectives

Identifying the key objectives is the best place to begin planning an event. Most summer parties are music events that bring together great artists from different genres and cultures. However, event objectives vary. For instance, you might be tasked with organizing a staff party or client party for corporations.

Knowing the party objectives can help you make other decisions seamlessly. You can also easily estimate the event’s budget, tone, and theme. You can also choose between a garden and a rooftop party.

2.     Identify the essentials

The second step of planning the event is identifying the essentials. These are essential items that play a significant role in the success of your summer party. Essentials include:

●       Food and drinks

Good food and drinks are a must-have for every successful party, especially if some attendees are food enthusiasts. You can’t invite your guests into a venue without feeding them and availing something to drink. Note that the days of serving your guests barbecue food and beer are behind. You should consider other food and drink ideas, which probably involve hiring professional caterers.

You can adapt the street-food style, where different dishes and cuisines are served at multiple food stations. A pro tip when budgeting for food is ensuring that there’s more than enough, especially if those attending will be drinking. Similarly, have plenty of mocktails, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

●       Party decorations

Decorations are also an important part of the party, whether informal or corporate. Whether you are an expert on decorating parties or not, professionals like Look Our Way can help.

●       Theme

Summer parties essentially involve having fun and enjoying the warm temperatures. Among the many ways of adding fun to your party is having a theme for the event. You can engage suppliers and décor experts to create a resonating theme. You should consider using recyclable and upcycled items to ensure theming is sustainable.

As for theme selection, you should think beyond the obvious to create unique experiences. Common themes to explore include sports day, costume party, beach party, Oscars, and other endless options. Various party elements, including menus, decorations, music, staff uniform, and food selection, should support your preferred theme.

●       Music and lights

Entertainment is also an important part. Music and lights can make a seemingly boring party lively. Proper lighting helps the “wow” factor, while good music sets the mood for partying. Good entertainment, either from a DJ, dance performances, or live music, creates a buzzing atmosphere and encourages the guests to stay longer. Games and photo booths are excellent alternatives.

3.     Choose the date wisely

Summer is naturally a partying period. You should settle on a good date in advance because it determines the availability of the event venue and suppliers. You should consider several factors when choosing the event date. For instance, evenings and weekends are not ideal for corporate parties because most people won’t easily give away their time off.

You should schedule such parties for weekday afternoons. You should also avoid school summer breaks because most parents prefer spending this time with their kids. Venue costs also vary depending on your chosen date. You should ask your team for date suggestions.

4.     Choose the perfect venue

Venues can make or break your most-hyped party. Depending on the details that matter, below are a few things to consider when choosing a venue:

  • Location – You should choose the location based on who’s attending the party. Employee-only parties can be done near the office, while conferences and conventions should be held in an area with accommodation and other services.

  • Capacity – You should roughly estimate the number of expected guests before booking the venue. If you are planning a live music event, find a venue that accommodates hundreds of expected attendees.

  •  Availability of amenities – Not all venues will have your desired amenities. Choose a space with enough parking, has a good layout, and is suitable for summer events.

  • Sustainability – If you are among the few companies that value “green” events, choose an event venue that embraces sustainable practices.


The warm summer breeze and blue skies make it a perfect period for summer parties. These parties are mostly the highlight of everyone’s social calendar, with everybody anticipating great food, positive vibes, good music, and company. If you’ve been tasked with organizing a summer party, the tips mentioned are enough to get you started.