Are you thinking of planning your next get-together? While you may have got the food and drinks organized, you mustn’t forget about the games! They are a must-have to get everyone involved so your night can be even more memorable.

Want some ideas? Then keep on reading. Below, we are going to discuss some fun but classic games to play with friends at your next party. The best part is, all of these can be played online if you still have COVID restrictions in place.

Let’s get started!


Charades is an all-time favorite at family games nights and is something that can get everyone involved. Just write down your own list of movies/tasks and place them all in a bowl to get started. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, the game Heads Up on the app store is excellent. It’s sort of like a faced-paced version of Charades with different categories. You even get to watch a video back to see how funny you all look!


Trivia is a great game to play with teams, and although it’s competitive, it can be really fun. The key to planning a trivia quiz is to have a variety of great questions selected. You can even create categories based on your friend’s and family’s interests. It could be something like Disney movies or Football. The options are endless!

Would You Rather?

Another game that everybody can play Would You Rather Can get everyone out of their comfort zone. The aim is to ask two different questions and those participating have to pick which one they would rather choose. It could be something like, “Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet? This game really gives you the chance to get creative!


Another excellent team game to play is good old Pictionary! You don’t even need to buy the board game to get started. Just use some paper and pens to make your own cards and sticky tape paper on the wall to use as your canvas. Just like Trivia, you can set a theme or stick to more traditional prompts. The choice is yours!

Never Have I Ever

This classic game is a party favorite, and if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s pretty easy to understand. Gather around in a circle and think of things that you have never done before. It could be something like, “Never have I ever got sick on a theme park ride.” If anyone in the group has done it, they put up a finger. If not, you have to put one up. The first to raise three fingers is the loser!

20 Questions

20 questions is a guessing game that can be played in multiple ways. One of the best is to write down the name of either a character or a famous individual on a sticky note and place it on the head or back of the chosen participant. They then have to ask questions to try and figure out who they are. You can also stick to a theme such as Pokemon, famous singers, or horror movie characters.