Check them stages though!

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The countdown has turned from months to weeks to days to now, finally, just a few hours! TIMEOUT 72 is all set for its big debut in the festival circuit. Taking place from the 27th to the 29th of December 2017 at Vagator, Goa, the world’s biggest names are descending on three magnificent stages to woo a crowd that has nothing but party on their mind.

And as attendees prep up for three days of multi-genre awesomeness along with a host of activities to ensure there is never a dull moment, the festival is also prepping up to give its attendees exactly what they are looking forward to. Check out some of these trippy images from behind the scenes:

1. A grand welcome in progress.

2. And a few reminders here and there to ensure you that you are at the hottest music festival of the year.

3. Your gateway into another an alternate universe.

4. What a grand entrance in the making!

5. Check out this time-inspired installation.

6. Any guesses which stage this is?

7. Or this one?

8. We’re sure you can guess this beauty.

In addition to that, the festival has also released the following details:

A total of 672 security personnel are deployed each day, which include 77 supervisors, 232 guards, 314 bouncers, 49 lady guards, 10 Quick Response Team (QRT) teams of 3 Bouncers & 1 Supervisor each, Disaster Management Team of 12 people, Event Safety (MVSEC) and Anti-Drug Squad

Additional manpower of security will be deployed near the stage, VIP platforms, sponsors stalls, backstage, bar, food stalls, first aid, toilets/smoking zones, entry/exit aisles

The entire periphery of the venue is well lit with bright halogens. There is a double tin barricading and a double line of security which is rotated daily to reduce pilferage. Security teams will constantly monitor for illegal entries/activities

Watchtowers are installed at strategic locations, including entry and exit points, to monitor internal & external activity with a supervisor. There will be walkie-talkies for quick communication. Total number of CCTV’s on ground are approximately 200 cameras

Separate aisles have been created for the entry/exit of women, and there are covered frisking kiosks for privacy as well. Women bouncers will be stationed at the front stage of all stages. Lady volunteers & nurses will take care of women in need

A rigorous training session has been held one day before the festival with the entire crew & security. A mock drill was conducted post the training session

The main entrance gates to each ground have 3 checkpoints: RFID band checking; to hold crowd & form queue for DFMD and frisking (HHMD). All checkpoints have separate aisles for women. Sniffer dog will be stationed at the main aisles for identifying illegal substances

All F&B and service vehicles to be thoroughly checked. Vehicles allowed only from 11 pm to 10 am

There are total 13 of multiple emergency exits positioned around the venue. All emergency exits are identified by well lit, bright in-lit signs at over 10 feet high. There are multiple signages placed around venue pointing to them. Emergency lights, watchtowers, CCTV, cameras will have an independent power source and bank up upon declaration of emergency

Pamphlets on health & safety, evacuation & emergency procedures to be distributed to attendees, along with a venue map that clearly highlights emergency exits, first aid rooms etc. 

Guidelines issued by the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services, Goa to be adhered to. As per the different zones already highlighted, fire extinguishers are significantly placed. This ensures the entire venue is under Fire Extinguisher Protection. Fire volunteers to be deployed around the entire venue, wearing identifiable t-shirts to guide people and help in case of fire emergencies. Signages are made indicating the placement of fire extinguishers. All security personnel are trained to use fire safety equipment

There are 4 first aid rooms with 20 ICU beds and 40 normal beds. Each first aid room acts as a self-sufficient, fully-functional emergency unit with the following manpower – 7 doctors, 6 nurses, 12 paramedics, 15 medical student volunteers, 14 stretcher and wheelchair boys and 1 snake catcher. There are 2 Emergency Jeeps, 6 cardiac ambulances and 3 regular ambulances with a tie-up with St. Anthony’s Hospital, Anjuna

3 Dedicated Smoking Areas at the venue with cigarettes sold inside at a premium price to discourage smoking. Penalty and confiscation of the full pack from people caught smoking in general area, with police help. Loose cigarette packets, outside F&B, water bottles etc. will strictly not be allowed

Huge parking ground identified behind St. Micheal School Vagator for parking. Additional parking areas at Anjuna Police Station, Opposite Hilltop Ground, Hill Top Ground, St. Michael Football Ground, Behind St. Michaels School, Opposite Camlin Restaurant to accommodate 6000 vehicles and 10,000 two-wheelers

175 traffic marshals to ensure smooth flow of traffic around and outside the venue. 100 designated attendants for the parking lot to ensure systematic parking. 20 ushers outside the venue, backstage and around the venue to help guest reaching their desired location

3 shuttle bus services are arranged for the audience between the various parking grounds to the venue. 10 wardens to ensure proper frequency of the shuttle services

There are 40 window box office and a holding area for 500 people before entry lane to avoid long queues

There are 65 toilets inside the venue, ensuring people are not inconvenienced

Legal Drinking Age “LDA” bands will be given out separately to avoid underage drinking

You can imagine how crazy it’s going to look when finished. So have a look at the real deal yourself and book your tickets on InsiderPaytm or BookMyShow. Check out the official website, Facebook page and Event page for TIMEOUT 72. 

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