With rumours floating around about a Coldplay concert in India this November, we look at the chain of events that finally convinced them to visit us.

Coldplay has huge fan following in India, yet it seems we have too long been neglected to be part of their epic world tours. Their songs like Yellow, Fix You and The Scientist are so popular that they’re among the first songs people learn on their guitar and staples at every acoustic gig. The band’s distinct tone has always set them apart and has an uncanny ability to make people relate. So there’s no denying the impact that Coldplay has has on all of us and the extensive fan following that they’ve amassed. There’s never been more excitement for getting a couple of Britishers to India, which might be finally happening, and it’s all thanks to the fans!

1. Last July when Chris Martin made a surprise visit to Delhi.

Posts on social media went into overdrive when they found out that the Coldplay frontman was in India. What caused an even bigger reaction was the fact that he performed a surprise acoustic gig at the Summer House Cafe in Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village. The audience included actress Freida Pinto, folk-rock musician Raghu Dixit and the All India Bakchod team. This of course sparked rumours that the British band would soon be making a trip to India but it turned out that Chris was actually here on a charity project with Freida.


2. Last September when Coldplay came down to Worli, Mumbai to shoot a “special” music video.

There was a lot of buzz when people found out that the entire band was in the country. Rumours immediately started spreading about a concert in India especially when it was revealed that there was a special treat in store for Coldplay’s Indian fans.

Courtesy : mid-day.com

3. This January when the video for ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ was finally released.

We finally got to see the “special” video and it took over all other topics of discussion. The cherry on top was the Sonam Kapoor cameo in the video. This of course got the rumour brigade started again, then one tweet changed everything :

This was basically a confirmation that Coldplay was definitely considering India for a concert.


4. Then THIS happened yesterday!

If reports from a leading newspaper are to be believed, the Pop Rock band will perform in the country for a charity concert on November 19 and all that’s left to decide is whether it will be held in Delhi or Mumbai. With so much hype over the past couple years and people begging Coldplay to visit India, it seems they finally listened to their fans.