A good part of summer’s still left, and so are these amazing psy trance festivals. If you missed out on some good psy trance festivals in the previous months (Ozora Goa, anyone?), fret not, because we have just the list for you.

The months of May and June are pretty loaded with cool psy events, and you will have to put your decision-making skills to the test. The Sherp has listed some amazing trance festivals that you shouldn’t miss out on this season!

1. Parvati Peaking

The 4th edition of Parvati Peaking promises to be as crazy as ever. Happening from May 27-30 this year, Parvati Peaking has been enthralling audiences visiting the Parvati Valley for 4 years, bringing in some of the most diverse live acts and DJs from around the globe. To those who don’t want to travel to the mountains; there’s a Goa edition planned for February next year, and that’s totally worth looking forward to.


(Courtesy: Parvati Peaking / Facebook)

2. Kundalini Shakti

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(Courtesy: Kundalini Shakti / Facebook)

The hills of Kasol are renowned for their beautiful psy festivals in the region, and Kundalini Shakti is definitely one of them. If you’re in Kasol from June 9-12, Kundalini Shakti is the festival you must go to. A host of Indian and international acts have been announced for the festival already, and it should be a pretty loaded affair when June comes.

3. Space Trip

The debut edition of Space Trip promises to be an exciting affair. Set to happen in Kasol from May 21-22, Space Trip might be the newest psy festival on the block, but it’s filled with laser shows, 3D mapping and art installations, along with some really good music. If you want a slight change of vibe from the usual festivals, Space Trip is for you.


(Courtesy: Space Trip  / Facebook)

4. Electric Mahadeva


(Courtesy: Electric Mahadeva / Facebook)

Electric Mahadeva is coming back this year, from July 7-9, which is a virtual season-ender. You should go if you’re around Kasol at that time; Electric Mahadeva will happen at Cafe 9, in Chalal. You know it’s going to be a big one when you have a brand as big as Heineken supporting it.


(Courtesy: Electric Mahadeva / Facebook)

5. Parvati Shangri-La


(Courtesy: Parvati Shangri-La / Facebook)

Care for another festival near Kasol in June? Parvati Shangri-La is your answer. From June 3-5, Parvati Shangri-La will feature some of the heaviest psy trance music from household artists as well as international names. Tickets are already on sale, and promotion is in full swing.

6. Magica Festival


(Courtesy: The Trippy Indian)

If you want something that’s more local and homely, Magica is for you. Featuring an all-Indian lineup, yoga sessions, flea markets and mesmerising decor, Magica Festival will happen by the end of June.

7. Freedom Blast, Island Edition


(Courtesy: Freedom Blast / Facebook)

This Goan festival usually happens around Independence Day time, in the month of August. Going by last year’s edition that happened from August 13-17, this year’s edition should happen at around the same time, although no details have been announced as yet.

8. Samsara Himalaya Edition


(Courtesy: Samsara / Facebook)

Europe’s top psy festival is making its presence felt in India, in the month of October from the 7th to the 17th. the location is pretty serene; it’s all set to happen on the Tibetan plains of Bir village in Himachal Pradesh, among the vast environs of the Himalayan region. These guys take Yoga sessions seriously, thanks to their Yoga Roundtable Conference.

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