The opportunity to witness one of India’s most magical festivals has risen! Book your tickets now!

Since its debut in 2013, Magnetic Fields has established itself as one of the most stimulating contemporary arts and music festivals in the country. And now as one of the year’s most awaited festivals, the festival just released their tickets for sale on August 17th. Get them here.

Praised for its immersive and well-planned festival experience, Magnetic Fields has caught the eye of fans and artists from across the globe. It has even grown 300 percent since its debut, promising a sensorial adventure that’s second to none in the Indian circuit. Set to take place from the 15th to the 17th of December at Alsisar Mahal, the 17th-century palace, the festival has an ideal venue too.

Alsisar Mahal

“Year 5 of Magnetic Fields feels pretty momentous for our team. We’ve grown from a small gathering of 400 into an impressive and beautiful community. This year will see us build on the new streams of content we introduced last year, of course with a fair share of surprises and the lineup is pretty spectacular. We’re so excited to welcome everyone back!” says Sarah Chawla, co-founder of Wild City and one of the partners of the festival.

Ticket and accommodation packages for #MagFields2017

There is a range of accommodation packages available, giving festival goers the opportunity to either stay in the palace or camp in the desert.

The 3-day festival entry tickets, that are to be bought along with accommodation packages, are available from Rs. 5000 while those who plan to organize their own stay will be paying Rs. 10,000 for a ticket.

Credits: Zacharie Rabehi

However, festival entry tickets starting from Rs 5,000 (super early birds) as well as those available for Rs 6,000 (early birds) have sold out. A three-day festival entry ticket will now cost Rs 7,000.

Alsisar Mahal, just 6 hours away from Delhi, calls out to those with a love for adventure and history. With its intricately carved four poster beds and modern facilities, the palace rooms have become quite a popular choice. Infact, the tickets for 2016 were sold out in only 22 minutes! Due to its popular demand, sadly the Alsisar Mahal package for two people, inclusive of tickets and costing Rs 64,500 have now sold out, this year too.

If you’re more on the adventurous side, the Bedouin Village with luxury tents and cocktails around the campfire might be just what you need instead. In addition to its very own lounge, the camping site will also have its own stage, Desert Oasis Disco, bars and art installations.

This year, the festival organizers have ensured that attendees can enjoy a more posh and elite camping experience with the new glamping tents category introduced. These tents will also be closer to the souk, food stalls and the palace entrance.

A limited number of these premier Bedouin tents will be available at Rs 32,000 for a two-person tent and Rs 37,500 for a 3-person tent. Prices do not include tickets. A large number of the comfortable Bedouin tents, complete with beds, electrical points and blankets, will be available at Rs 26,000 for two people and at Rs 31,500 for three people.


With the number of campers growing each year, the festival has acquired more land to ensure that all the attendees have enough place to pitch their tents and more area to stretch their legs. The ‘pitch your tent’ option is available at Rs 3,500 per person, and will have access to the same lounge and stage as the rest of the campers. Alternatively, you can rent a fully equipped two-person classic camping tent for Rs 13,000 for the festival.

Tickets + Accommodation cost for two people at Magnetic Fields 2017


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