Ticketmaster sends out festival tickets prematurely and causes major screw-ups in the process. 

Paradiso Festival, held in George, Washington and on its way to becoming one of the biggest summer music festivals, just faced a speedbreaker before the fest.

Festival goers everywhere have been waiting patiently albeit eagerly for the early bird (or any, for that matter) tickets to drop, and drop they did. Ticketmaster, a successful ticket sales company based in California, released the tickets before the said date and gave rise to a downward spiral of unfortunate events.


(Image Courtesy: tranceinmyeyes.tumblr.com)

In an attempt to salvage the situation, Ticketmaster announced that all tickets sold are considered void and new tickets will be sold shortly, on the correct dates. However, there are now hundreds of voided Paradiso tickets that look exactly like the real thing.

Paradiso is more than likely to sell out in no time and especially with the high demand for tickets, scalpers will no doubt use this opportunity to try and scam people with voided tickets.

Make sure you buy the original tickets here, folks. Just to be safe.