Go back in time to see where the current tech for techno came from.

Director and writer of Discovering Electronic Music, Bernard Wilet, originally created this film to educate young viewers who might have been interested in the basics of creating electronic music in 1983 but watching it today would be a bit different.

The revised version of the documentary provides an overview into the functions of the synth that can seem very dry but watching how the synths could be used to lift classical pieces like J.S. Bach’s “Fugue in G minor” , into full electronic pieces or how the synth could be used to recreate the sounds of traditional instruments, such as the Japanese koto!

It also features music by Jean-Claude Risset, Douglas Leedy, F.R. Moore, Stephan Soomil, Rory Kaplan, Gerald Strang and more forgotten geniuses of early electronic music.

Watch it here now: