What makes Coachella the king of all festivals? Well, performances like these might have something to do with it.  

As the highly popular and much-loved festival draws close, we take a look at one of the festival’s most memorable performances. In one of the biggest you-need-to-be-there moments, Daft Punk gave one of their most iconic performances way back in 2006, putting them back into the spotlight. The electronic duo’s performance opened the music industry’s eyes to the significance and evolution of EDM and sealed the genre’s place in the industry.

At the time, the group who had gone past their peak years in the 90s, had all but fallen off the grid entirely. The only thing fans were really looking forward to was the nostalgia of Daft Punk’s glory days, bringing back some memories. However, the duo stunned everyone when they grabbed their headgear from what has now become their famous LED pyramid and brought the house down with electronic beats that drove the crowd into a frenzy.

Credits: www.lesemeurdetrouble.com

Daft Punk delivered an 80-minute set that included mash-ups of their grooviest and most grittiest hits earning their live performance the title of one of the greatest show on earth.

It’s 11 years later and the performance is still regarded as one of Coachella’s best performances ever!

Check out the performance here:

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