We’re in a mood to jog down memory lane. So come join us.

From Goa to Pune, Vh1 Supersonic has aced every edition with much enthusiasm and fervour. A team that started off with a promise to provide quality entertainment to its fans has managed to live up to its promise year after year. And not just live up to it, they have made sure that every new edition is a marked improvement from the last one.

So you can understand why we can’t wait to see what goes down from the 9th to the 11th of February 2018, when Vh1 Supersonic arrives at Laxmi Lawns in Pune for another power-packed edition. But until then, we’re left to reminisce some fond memories of its past editions. Have a look.

1. Back to the very first Supersonic in 2013 at Candolim, Goa. 

2. For a first edition, the response was huge!

3. I mean, if you get John 00 Fleming to perform, you’re already a force to reckon with.

4. Goa + Supersonic = Best first edition EVAH! 

5. By 2014, Vh1 Supersonic had reached people’s bucket lists.

6. Dillon Francis was a headliner at the festival, a repeat of which we shall witness at the 2018 edition.

7. The dreamy ‘Goa’ vibe blended so well with the music, it was trance heaven.

8. Remember the iconic Iron Heart stage? *sigh*

9. By the 2015 edition, enhancing fan experience had become a top priority.

10. And a lot more pizzazz was being added to the performances.

11. Arjun Vagale is a crowd magnet, as we all know.

12. NERVO putting up a grand show on the final day.

13. By now, people from all around the world were making their way to Vh1 Supersonic.

14. Skipping the 2016 season, Supersonic was back at a new time and new venue in 2017 – Pune

15. The Awakenings stage was a major attraction for attendees.

16. The logo had also gained iconic status.

17. Iron Heart stage was replaced with the even more massive Sonic Realm stage. 

18. Their experiential journey was getting more and more innovative by the minute.

19. Right from 2013…

20. …to 2018… what a journey it’s been with Vh1 Supersonic!

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(Images Courtesy – Ashish Parmar, Eric D’souza, Abdullah G Photography, Mohit Mukhi, Nishant Matta Photography)