Few bands can be as hardcore and awesome as Green Day, hands down!

Rewind back to the time when Green Day was not as popular as they are now; when Billie Joe Armstrong led a seemingly loud, energetic and brash Californian punk rock group. At the time, Green Day had just launched their major album, ”Dookie”, with their video tracks for ”Longview” and “Basketcase”, doing the popular rounds at MTV.

1994 marked a big year for the band as they performed at Woodstock Festival! Halfway through the set, attendees began throwing mud at the stage. Amidst all the commotion, Billie Joe Armstrong responded by throwing mud back at the fans! What began as an electric performance launched an unforeseen mud fight! We’ve seen the band perform a multitude of times through the years, but few performances can ever match up to the wild and electric energy of Green Day’s time at Woodstock! Crazy thing was, bassist Mike Dirnt even got a few teeth knocked as festival security mistook him for an unruly fan upon the stage!

Check out all the action from that moment all those years ago, below: