3 people have been reported dead at the recent HARD Summer Music Festival. The incident occurs in the wake of several such incidents which raises questions about safety regulations and steps taken by organizers to ensure such things don’t happen. 

The 2015 edition of HARD Summer was forced to move to Pomona, where there were two drug related deaths reported. This year it was held at the Fontana Speedway. Drug related deaths are not a new thing to surface on the festival circuit. A recent survey saw that there have been 24 drug-related confirmed deaths since 2006. That’s a shockingly high number. Officials said they are still trying to identify the cause of the deaths. The three kids were identified as Derek Lee, 22, Alyssa Dominguez, 21 and Roxanne Ngo, 22. Awfully young teenagers to have suffered such a tragic end.

Credits: edmchicago.com

Officials reported that there were a total of 9 people transported to the hospital out of which 3 of them died. The festival was attended by almost 140,000 attendees this year despite the events that happened last year. Authorities believe that the severe heat might have also been a huge factor in the deaths. The event organizers were criticized for the lack of organisation and ample areas which would provide shade for the ravers. 

Officials also said that if the kids were on drugs like ecstasy, that coupled with the extreme heat would have definitely been the reason for the deaths as Ecstasy shoots up internal body temperatures to very high levels. 

We hope these incidents come to an end ASAP.