Relive all the magic from one of the most captivating music festivals in the world in under five minutes. 

lib zipporah lomax lib zipporah lomax2(via: Zipporah Lomax)

This past May saw yet another fantastic edition of Lightning In A Bottle, one of USA’s most forward thinking and revered communal gatherings. Packed with breathtaking acts, activities and atmosphere, LIB 2015 was truly a spectacle and they’ve managed to deliver an outstanding round up of it in this after movie. Watch it below:

This beautifully crafted recap is a perfect example of how to deliver an apt after movie that does justice to the festival itself. And with that RL Grime number blasting at the back, it certainly struck a chord with the Sherp.

lib dan krauss(via: Dan Krauss)

Lightning In A Bottle is an all camping excursion and adopts an open mentality towards its crowd. Camping grounds are located surrounding the festival as well as within the main grounds allowing attendants to be immersed in all the music and art. Aside from music, the festival wants to support creativity in other mediums as well including art, philosophy, and spirituality.

lib christian andre schnyder lib christian andre schnyder2(via: Andre Schnyder)

If you haven’t checked this one out yet, you’re missing out on something.

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(All Images via: Lightning In A Bottle Facebook)