This video has made our week!

AirAsia Flight attendant Assraf Nasir is going viral for his sensational choreography to Britney Spears’ 2003 hit “Toxic”, which sees the pop diva attired as a flight attendant.

Nasir nails Britney’s risqué dance, from her music video, to the t. He covered everything from twirling down the aisle and pushing the food trolley to singing into the intercom in perfect timing while in uniform aboard a jet plane! The video was originally uploaded by Nasir’s co-worker, Farhan Rzman, from the Malaysian airline and has since been viewed almost 9 million times with over 4000 retweets and several shares on Instagram and Facebook at the time of writing.


Obviously, people of the interwebz have fallen in love!

“This dude got flair and all that zast!! Werk it baby! You on fiyah,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Booking my flights on AirAsia now,” said one Facebook user.

“When people ask me why I want to be a flight attendant I’m showing them this,” said another netizen.

“Is this why my flight was delayed for ‘cleaning and inspection’?” one asked.

It’s not just twitterati who were impressed, though! Nasir’s boss, the CEO of AirAsia, reposted the video on Instagram saying that he “loved that staff can just have fun.”

Many fans have already sent the video to Ms. Spears herself, but she is yet to respond to the same. For your comparing convenience, watch Britney’s original version below: