A film festival in Japan will award nearly $1m to the director with the nbest new movie idea.

This is the kind of crazy, wonderful stuff that can only happen in Japan. From anywhere in the world, directors and avant-garde film makers have to submit a 500-word story pitch in either Japanese or English, for the opportunity to recieve a nearly one million dollar award.

The deadline for submitting a 500-word pitch on what’s billed as a “thrilling, exciting, moving” story-line is February 29. Here’s what Rieko Muramoto, executive director for digital business at the Japanese entertainment company Avex Digital, which is providing the contest funds, says about the award and short films:

“The short film holds a lot of potential for busy people who are watching video on smartphones, which means a complete story must be told much more quickly.” 

For all you fledgling filmmakers, this is your chance to realize your dreams. Stay tuned for more news.