This new documentary, simply titled FESTIVAL, is an honest and engaging film that sheds new light on a festival goer’s experience, and what music festivals actually mean to the people who attend them.

Fullscreen capture 20-08-2015 160305.bmp(Image Courtesy: FESTIVAL: A Documentary Film (Trailer)/YouTube)

Following seven different people with seven different stories as they journey through a three-day festival, it examines their varied experiences, as well as festival culture as a whole. FESTIVAL aims to be “an honest and detailed look at why our generation attends massive events, what is sacrificed, what is gained, and why it matters.

The film’s director and executive producer, Mark Raspatello explains why this documentary is special, “This isn’t a concert film or a behind-the-scenes look at any one festival. It neither vilifies nor glorifies the festival industry. This is a collection of stories from real individuals, a snapshot of what happens when 100,000 people descend on a festival weekend.” 

Fullscreen capture 20-08-2015 155430.bmp(Image Courtesy: FESTIVAL: A Documentary Film (Trailer)/YouTube)

The documentary also promises never-before-seen clips of HAIM, Duke Dumont, and Benny Benassi, along with cameos from industry veterans, journalists, historic segments about Newport Folk and Monterrey Jazz, and archival video of festivals past, such as Lollapalooza 1.0 and Woodstock ’99.

There’s also an IndieGoGo campaign, started by FESTIVAL‘s team to offset some of the film’s costs. You can check it out here.

Here’s the official trailer: