This could actually be a good thing. 

Sunburn and Goa have been synonymous with each other. After all, the festival has celebrated nine successful seasons in the party capital of India. After moving venues from Candolim to Vagator in the past, it seems like the festivities might be heading out the state altogether. But we don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. Here are a few reasons why it would be a good thing for Sunburn to take the party elsewhere.

1. Lack of Space


The beaches of Goa might sound like an exotic location to hold the party of the year. But everybody, from across the world, wants a taste of the party. And this means overcrowding. The beaches were never big enough to accommodate a crowd this overwhelming.

2. Lodging problems


The popular destination that Goa is, it also happens to be the most sought-after destination for Christmas and New Year celebrations. This means a serious lack of accommodation for festival goers. Also, being peak season, the rooms rents are not forgiving. It’s always been a tough decision.

3. Parking Issues


Those who aren’t new to Goa are well aware of the tiny roads and even tinier parking spaces available. Since local transport is not really a viable option owing to the festival carrying on late into the night, everybody is forced to avail their own transport to the location. This is one problem we will be glad to stay away from.

4. Alcohol ban in public places


There have been rumours that the Goa state legislature might ban public drinking and impose a fine of any amount between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 on anyone who’s found guilty of drinking in a ‘no alcohol consumption zone’. Talk about being party poopers.

5. Travel woes


Don’t even get me started on the journey from home to here. Getting tickets to Goa during peak season comes close to selling your kidney for it. Flight prices sky rocket even higher than its actual altitude, trains are a distant dream and buses cost as much, sometimes even more, than a flight ticket on a normal day. Pre-booking is pretty useless because everyone is considering that option.

6. Ripped off by vendors outside the venue


If they knew you were headed to the festival, they automatically assumed you came from gold. And prices for basic commodities automatically got a lot more expensive. Festival-goers found themselves shelling a lot more money to stay, travel, shop and eat around the vicinity of the venue. We know its unfair, but the guys are trying to run a business too.

7. Overcrowding in general


Families, foreigners, yuppies, collegians, locals; December is a mad house in Goa. People come to Sunburn to enjoy the music experience while soaking in its positive vibes. And it isn’t exactly a pretty scene when you have to wait in lines outside restaurants, pay a bomb for accommodation and shuttle between your hotel and the venue through chock-a-block traffic.

We hope the new venue (if there will be one) addresses these problems, making it a healthier and enjoyable experience for everyone.