3 immersive stages, a dozen showcases including an LGBTQ+ showcase in collaboration with Kitty Su, and a number of great additions – get ready for the most progressive and futuristic edition of Magnetic Fields Festival.

It is the season for many festivities, but in our world we like to think of it as the time when Magnetic Fields comes around. The festival that began in 2013, has since garnered a massive cult following and international acclaim as being a destination for music aficionados, dance-a-holics, artsy spirits, adventure bugs, and just about every kind of person there is out there. This year, Magnetic Fields Festival is back to the desert-land for its sixth edition, within the picturesque walls of Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, from 14-16 December, 2018.

Credits: Brenna Duncan

Magnetic Fields Festival is dubbed as being one of the most popular forward-thinking contemporary, music & arts festivals around the world, and with their 2018 edition right around the corner, fans will experience Magnetic Fields Festival at a much higher magnitude, as the festival introduces a wide array of special & new additions this year.

At the music front, Magnetic Fields has announced a number of new stages and special showcases featuring indomitable talents from around the world. In addition, Magnetic Fields brings to its patrons a number of exciting experiences in the realms of visual, performance arts, adventure, and futuristic experiences. Here’s what you can look forward to at Magnetic Fields this year.


Magnetic Fields is synonymous of being a leading destination and platform for experimental, underground, and unheard-of music forms. Each year, fans get blown away by the phenomenal musical talents, the programming, and the different experiences offered at each different stage.

In 2018, in addition to the Redbull North Stage, and the BUDx South Stage, the festival will also host a Jameson Underground Stage, and the Renault Desert Oasis Stage. Also, fans can look forward to featured performances and curated selections at the featured showcases – Natural Selection – which features classical pianist Sahil Vasudeva and electronic music producer Gaurav Malaker (aka BLOT!), BUDx Yard, and the Saavn Sundowner.


Hosted by supporting partner, Budweiser Experiences, the BUDx South Stage aka the Day Stage, is a main attraction at Magnetic Fields and will host 2 special showcasesNatural Selection and Aqua Dominatrix’s exclusive EP preview, including a number of talented artists from around the world like Cora Novoa – regarded as one of Spain’s most exciting new talents, Delhi-based act – FOPCHU, Mumbai-based – Zokhuma, Kamaal Williams, Chrome Sparks, Nabihah Iqbal, Monsoon Search Party, Dee En, IMUR, Paraphoniks, Noon, No Metal in this Battle, and more.


Red Bull Music North Stage – Magnetic Fields 2017

The Red Bull Music North Stage is where the highly established and most exciting DJs, producers, and pioneers of unique sounds, break it down. Also known as the Night Stage, it will feature a number of artists, each of whom are connoisseurs and path-breakers of unique genres, and mixed sounds.

The lineup includes, UK DJ royalty – Joy Orbison, best known for his notorious bass, house, dance, jungle, and dub sounds. This will be the artist’s debut India visit. Other notable acts on the lineup include, ONEMAN, Shanti Celeste, DEBONAIRMumbai-based DJs – Spacejams and Kini Rao, Unnayanaa, Daphni, DJ EZ, Courtesy, and more.


Renault Desert Oasis Stage – Magnetic Fields 2017

The action kicks off on Day 1 at the Desert Oasis Stage with attendees being welcomed to the lull of Boxout Soundsystem featuring DJ MoCity, Madstarbase, Abhi Meer, Dualist Inquiry and Manaalina. 

On Day 2,  London-based DJs, Kristy Harper and Nabihah Iqbal take over the console. Carrying forward the usual tradition, Day 3 at the Renault Desert Oasis Stage will be dedicated to four hours of reggae & dub music, courtesy the BFR Sound System featuring Delhi Sultanate and Begum X. Sunday night closing duties will feature Hyderabad-based DJ, Pooja B.


Looking for the perfect evening wind-down or a hype to energize you for the long night ahead? Just head up to the Saavn Sundowner on the palace rooftop, where the intimate setting paired with ambient electronica, and other experimental tunes, will allow you to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Music performances include sets by Lifafa, Malfnktion (solo), Sid Vashi (solo), Aniruddh Menon, Pardafash, and Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and video artist, Golden Disko Ship.


A new addition this year is the Jameson Underground curated space, which is held in the palace dungeons and will be a blend of the experiential, with artisanal cocktails, and music. Featured artists include, London-based DJ, presenter and Netil Radio show host Kristy HarperKiwi DJ and Dubai-based collective The 264 Cru founding member, Kev Fresh, Babloo Babylon and a Boxout.fm showcase featuring radio show hosts DJs like Daisho, Suchi, Dreamstates and one of the UK scene’s hidden gems, Djrum.

BUDx Yard:

It’s where the serious dance freaks come out to ‘stomp the yard’. The BUDx Yard is the hub for late-night revelry, and features some of the most serious talents, such as house-music trend setter – Denis Sulta, Carista, Nino Brown, DJ Seinfeld, Henry Wu, and more.

Another key attraction at Magnetic Fields 2018 is the progressive inclusion of #PureLove by Kitty Su, that is dedicated to LGBTQ+ culture and inclusivity. The special attraction will feature sets by Midland, Hamza, Zeesh Ali, Maya the Drag Queen, and Betta Naan Stop. 

Magnetic Words

Magnetic Fields’ popular story-telling platform moves to the Peacock Club in the desert for its engaging sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This year, the theme for Magnetic Words is ‘magnetic minded’, that is to introduce and advocate open-mindedness, no matter how controversial the ideas. 
Topics of discussion address the future, through speakers from diverse fields such as technology, film, stand-up comedy, and adventure sports. See the list of speakers below:

Magnetic Sanctuary x The Tonic

The Magnetic Sanctuary is a chill, decompression zone, and is highly recommended for city dwellers, and anyone who could use a little respite from the routine hustle bustle. Curated by wellness resource, The Tonic, the informal space will be open to guests all day, on Saturday and Sunday.

Attendees will be able to attend one-on-one aromatherapy consultations with aromatherapist, writer and researcher, Shubhra Chaturvedi – also co-founder of Meraki Essentials, or even indulge in yoga and sound healing sessions, conducted by Priyanjali Das, who will combining yoga nidra techniques with singing bowls and chants for a 45-minute guided session.

Attendees can also opt for an intensive AcroYoga workshop led by calisthenics master, Tre, and Aerial artist, Lara.

Experiences You Just Can’t Miss!

With so much lined up in the span of 3 days, it may be hard to keep track of and indulge in everything there is at offer. However, these experiences are ones you shouldn’t miss and need to plan your schedule around. Check them out:

Watch a Geminid Meteor Shower with Stargazers

You will never see as many shooting stars in an entire year combined, as you might see on 14th December, during this meteor-shower. Expect to see as many as 50-100 shooting stars, and be wowed by the incredible night sky.

The Piano Man Jazz Club pop-up in The Peacock Club

The infamous Piano Man Jazz Club from Delhi, brings its revered jazz offerings to Magnetic Fields featuring instrumental-act Submarine In Space, followed by a jam-session by TPJC regulars, Arjun Sagar Gupta (vocals), Rythem Bansal (keys), Sonic Shori (bass) and Aditya Dutta (drums).

Definitely attend this to get a blend into the relaxed setting of Alsisar Mahal and to rejuvenate yourself for the weekend ahead.

Stories from Down-Under: VR Showcase

Do not miss this immersive VR storytelling showcase curated by Unbox’s own, Future Fiction, and brings to you immersive content presented by award-winning filmmakers like Lynette Wallworth, Oscar Raby and celebrated photographers Nareller Autio and Trent Parke.

You’ve never played a game until you’ve played this Treasure Hunt!

Ghost Signal treasure hunt is a World War II themed game of espionage enabled by low-power radios (installed on site) that were prevalent among soldiers a 100 years ago. Players listen to a mysterious and eerie broadcast signal for clues. Every time someone solves a clue, they enter the next level of the game. The hunt goes on for 3 days and nights culminating in a final showdown and prize ceremony.

This immersive experience is created by Compasswallah aka Rohit Gupta.

Puqaar – Folk Music Sessions

Indulge in folk music at Puqaar, a showcase featuring performances by Nathulal Ji Solanki, Damara Ram, Hema Ram, Bairam Khan, Kutle Khan, Dilawar Khan, Bhanwaru Khan, Sawan Khan, and Dayaa Ram Bhaand. 

Art Installations

A key visual attraction this year, will be the curated array of notable art structures around the festival venue. The commissioned pieces are the works of Shilo Shiv Suleiman, Alexander G Lyle IV, and HH Arts Spaces Foundations.


Magnetic Fields is one of the most immersive, contemporary music & arts festival in the world, and makes for a great visit for anyone with a bucket list! Hope this feature gets you ready and pumped for a fun weekend ahead at Magnetic Fields! 🙂


Magnetic Fields is scheduled to take place on 14-16 December, 2018, at Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan.

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