Real estate to buy in Dubai has various residential units to choose from. This article helps understand the types of local properties and additional factors that should be taken into account before buying accommodation in the emirate.

Types of real estate in Dubai

This city is a great place to buy real estate. The local market offers numerous residential units in different configurations, architectural styles, and budget categories. The types of sought after properties are the following.


The most common property type is apartments. There are flats in different sizes and configurations, from studios to five-room apartments, in the local market.

While studios represent a large main space with no internal partitions, other apartment types have one or more rooms. In Dubai, apartments  usually offer plenty of amenities, ranging from large balconies to communal swimming pools, gyms, and 24/7 security services.


A duplex is another popular type of real estate. It is a mix of a private house and an apartment. This spacious unit consists of two (sometimes three) floors and can accommodate no more than two families. Most often, separate entrance doors are located in opposite parts of the duplex.


Lofts are often confused with duplexes or studios, but there are significant differences between these properties. A duplex has two or even three floors, loft is always on top of the building or just in the attic. Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Beach Residence are the most popular communities in the city to buy lofts.

Hotel apartments

A hotel apartment is a fully furnished residential unit where you can stay for any period of time. Residential complexes that have this property type provide different services, from room service to housekeeping.

Hotel apartments can be found in almost any area of the city with high-rise buildings. The housing units in Downtown Dubai and Al Barsha are in the greatest demand among tourists, as they offer a developed transport infrastructure and proximity to popular sights.


Penthouses are situated on the top floors of apartment buildings. They embody sophistication and luxury. Stylish design, spacious rooms with walk-in wardrobes, swimming pools, private parking areas, and elevators are details common to penthouses. They provide the highest standard of living.


Villas are one of the most popular types of property among wealthy buyers. Large families love these spacious homes as they usually come with an attached garage, a private garden, and a pool. Villas can be semi-detached or separate. The first type offers general amenities, while the second type allows more privacy.


Townhouses are often confused with villas, but there are some differences between them. Most townhouses are connected to each other and have shared walls, like apartments, but have isolated entrances. On the other hand, villas are usually autonomous units.

Factors to consider before buying property in Dubai

The metropolis boasts one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. Many people believe that local houses are extremely expensive and out of reach for the middle class. But this is not the case. Even though prices for elite properties are high, as in any other country, the UAE  market also has a lot of affordable options for buyers of all budget levels.

Foreigners who work here and own businesses are increasingly choosing to buy a property instead of renting it. This trend is justified by the affordable prices and by government initiatives that simplify the process of acquiring property in the emirate for non-citizens.

These are three key factors to consider before deciding to buy a home:

  1. Location. People interested in an apartment or a luxury villa should explore the city’s best locations that offer a wide range of amenities and a high quality lifestyle.

2. Availability. A future homeowner should make sure that he has enough funds for the initial expenses.

3. Rental income. Individuals who plan to acquire a buy-to-invest unit to get rental income need to understand how much money they can earn with a particular housing unit and whether it is  enough to cover utility bills, maintenance costs, and a mortgage.

Assistance with buying property in Dubai

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