From the land of magical forts and cascading desert dunes, a truly magical experience emerges – Wonderflip!

Set to take place from the 9th – 12th of Nov, at the village of Khempur, which is a 45 min drive from Udaipur, Rajasthan; Wonderflip is set to make its magical debut this year. In the world of Wonderflip, there is no room for mundane, as everything is experienced in the vibrancy of colours and magic takes centre stage. Presented by a troupe of performing artists, the circus incorporates the electric vibe that a music festival possesses and the sense of excitement and joy that comes from being awed by the magic of a circus, to fuse these elements in creating a first-of-its-kind magical experience!

To get you excited for the inaugural edition of the festival, Wonderflip is selecting a chosen few to experience the festival firsthand this November. The #SecretSale is an exclusive sale link sent to the chosen few who displayed interest in joining the Wonderflip tribe. Are you one of the chosen few?

The festival is sure to be full of wonderful surprises with two dancefloors solely dedicated to the groovy beats of the best of underground musicians from around the world, circus performers that will take your breath away with their wondrous stunts, and a gobsmacking gourmet spread with the best of wine n dine at the round-the-clock circus bazaar! Stay at the finest luxury campsite only to wake up to something magical each day! Stay tuned, more updates coming your way!

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