The party is over & the guests have left. Now who is going to clean up the mess left behind?

This week marked the end of Glastonbury Festival and the commencement of its clean up. The site at Worthy Farm in Somerset saw more than one lakh revelers this year! The crew and stall holders have been given a week’s time to clear the property.

Piles of debris have been strewn over the ground. Discarded bottles, cans, packets – the fields of Somerset looked like they had been bombed with trash! The Pyramid Stage that hosted the Rolling Stones was enveloped by a sea of litter. The cans and plastic bottles that have been picked up weigh roughly 54 tonnes! All that’s left now is a lot of hungry seagulls feeding off the garbage.

The objective now is to convert the land back into a functioning dairy farm. Festival organizers are anticipating this process to take a good six weeks. More than 1,300 people have volunteered to pick up the junk scattered over this 900-acre site! And workers are carrying out a fingertip search to make sure not even an inch of the land goes unchecked. Given the scale of this job, a recycling plant has been made inside the grounds itself. Favorably, the rain was held off making the cleaning task less laborious than normal.

Well, at least the seagulls appeared to be happy as they swooped in to lurk for food amongst the clutter!

With the festival trend picking up in India, we too need an after-event clean-up drive. Since everyone thinks it is someone else’s responsibility to do it, no one does it! The party host isn’t always able to take up this duty. Also, as a raver, it is your responsibility to do your bit by utilizing waste-bins provided at the venue and not toss your filth around.

Because we cannot get enough of festivals and events, The Sherp suggests we all put on some banging music while we clear the mess that we made ourselves! A Volunteer-Drive-After-Party does sound pretty swell!