As technology advances, so do film making techniques. Here are some film festivals that celebrate movies that are shot entirely by drones!

Though a lot of controversy has surrounded the use of drones for attacks and surveillance purposes, there is a flipside to the amazing technology. Film makers around the world have been using these aerial devices in the most peaceful of ways and giving us stunningly shot films. Drones have revolutionized film making due to their ease of use and cost effectiveness. With more and more cinematographers utilizing drones, they are truly the future of film making. Noticing this trend, festivals have popped up around the world celebrating such films and we have listed some of the best with examples of the movies showcased.

1. New York City Drone Film Festival

The NYCDFF is the world’s first event exclusively dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography. The festival offers an international platform for filmmakers from every corner of the globe to exhibit their work in front of industry professionals and the drone community. This year, the event sold out in 6 hours, received 350 film submissions from 45 countries, saw 5,000+ people in attendance over the festival weekend and earned over 270 million media impressions worldwide.


2. Flying Robot International Film Festival

The Flying Robot International Film Festival is an open competitive drone film festival focused on aerial cinema created from the perspective of flying camera robots, also commonly known as drones. Festival participation is open to anyone around the globe and to promote this, entry fees are low and over $10,000 in cash and prizes were awarded to filmmakers of winning selections from our inaugural 2015 festival.

3. DroneFest

DroneFest is an international film and photography competition culminating in a one-night festival dedicated to everything drones. DroneFest was the 1st international drone photography and video festival and competition to run in UK and was created to celebrate a whole new world of cinematography. The festival acts as a platform for the greatest minds in the drone industry to come together and showcase the best that aerial cinematography has to offer.

Miles Away from Dave MacLeod on Vimeo.

4. InterDrone 

InterDrone is one the most important commercial drone conference and expos. The event features professionals involved in drone activities, R&D, and is also a great place to discover new gear and technologies. The festival celebrates not only the movies shot by drones but also the drones themselves.

Jordan from the Air from Matador Network on Vimeo.

5. Cinédrones

The CinéDrones Festival is dedicated to promoting films incorporating aerial shots made by drones. It aims to encourage the emergence of an innovative technique of film making. This is done by offering the public a selection of the best French and international movies that enhance the skills of film audiovisual industry through the use of drones as new tools for creating and narration.

6. Drone Experience Festival

The Drone Experience Festival is an event intended for drone professionals, amateurs and even newbies. Besides the Film Festival, the DEF also includes business meetings, indoor & outdoor demonstrations and trials.

7. Rise Of The Drones Film Festival

The ROTDFF is one of the first Drone Film Festivals specially for films based on extreme and adventure sports.  The festival showcases movies about skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wingsuit flying, climbing, BMX and mountain biking like in a way never seen them before.

Rise Of The Drones Trailer from Epic TV on Vimeo.

8. Italy Drone Film Festival

The Italy Drone Film Festival is the first Italian event exclusively dedicated to the celebration of the art of drone cinematography and films.

9. Dron Festiwal

The first drone film festival to be held in the country of Poland. The festival, like others is a platform for displaying drone shot films. It also organizes seminars and conferences which tell people about the various rules and regulations of using drones, drone equipment and drone building workshops etc.

10. European Drone Film Festival

The ED2F is the first of its kind festival to emerge in mainland Europe. The Film Festival showcases films exclusively shot by drones. It also includes flying competitions, drone workshops, demos and exhibitions and seminars on regulations and new innovations.

L’île Maurice vue du Ciel – PRIX DU PUBLIC FESTIVAL ED2F 2015 from SAR Production on Vimeo.