Massive whales will be built out of stained glass at Black Rock CityΒ next year.

Even with 1,800 glass panels and steel backing, the installation will still weigh about half as much as an actual humpback whale, which is around 300,000 pounds. It will be built to withstand winds of high speeds, as well as the force of objects thrown at it. The artists hope no one will attempt to break the installation or the glass used for it, which is actually extremely old and valuable material.


The Pier Group, which is actually creating the intallation, is coordinating an entire experience that revolves around the whales. There will be light shows illuminating the whales, lectures by physics field experts on space, time and matter, and whale songs of the same frequency and decibel level as would be heard in the ocean.

The Pier Group has created some of the best installations at the Burning Man Festival in past years. Over 80,000 people flock to Black Rock City in the Nevada Desert every year to experience art, music and community unlike any other.