The renowned Cannes Film Festival is currently under high alert due to the atmosphere of fear created by attacks in France and neighbouring countries.

According to reports, a terror attack simulation will be staged at the venue of the Cannes Film Festival today. This move is said to be in preparation for this year’s edition scheduled to be held from May 11 to 22. The entire nation of France has been in a state of high alert since the Charlie Hebdo attack and Paris terror attacks in November 2015, that claimed the lives of 130 people. Cannes is not the only one affected, an event called the Directors’ Fortnight will also be cut short due to security concerns.


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The simulation will be performed by French security forces in and around the Palais du Cinéma and on La Croisette. The exercise will involve civilian and military police forces, firefighters, hospital workers and medical professionals. According to a statement on the town of Cannes’ official website, “Throughout the duration of the exercise, people in the vicinity of the different sites might hear explosions and also witness unusual and important troop movements.”

Cannes attracts a large number of tourists and hence already has tight security protocols in place, as well as 200 armed police officers. Despite that, festival president Pierre Lescure said the event would be protected by an additional 500 highly trained security agents for its 2016 edition.